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Senior Living HR Strategists


Senior Living Providers


30-50% turnover, with less than 1% unemployment in the sector — a senior leadership team that will be retiring in the near term - with light or non-existent succession planning… mergers, acquisitions, or new business lines reshaping the management of human capital. The challenges for HR leaders just keep coming.

Boost your brain at SHINE, exclusively for chief people strategists from large, senior care provider organizations.  In one power-packed conference, SHINE yields fast access to expert advice, peer insights, best practices, and the latest research.

Fuel for strategy

  • Acquisition and Branding Strategies
  • Aligning human capital, business strategy, and key metrics.
  • Leadership & Culture
  • Leveraging HR Technology with strategic talent decision making
  • Creating high-performance teams

Fuel for operations

  • Raising employee engagement
  • Improving performance management process and accountability
  • Retooling the HR Function to align with today's challenges
  • Legal, compliance and compensation strategies in senior care
  • The best and highest use of on-line employment sites

Key takeaways from hands-on, strategic and innovative, peer-to-peer sessions:

  • Acquisition and hiring strategies
  • Raising employee engagement
  • Building a remarkable culture
  • Reputation and brand management to stand out as employer of choice
  • The freshest training technologies and tactics

SHINE affords a unique peer-to-peer meeting place, where you'll find like-minded HR strategists from across the senior care continuum