The Leading HR Executive Summit In Senior Care

Transforming Work Through the Science of Purpose

Type: Keynote
Category: Leadership & Culture,Talent Acquisition
Tuesday October 3
8:45am to 9:30am
Location: The Louvre Ballroom

  • Description

    As a leader, you’re always looking for new ways to drive performance and build a strong culture in your organization.

    Imperative’s breakthrough research has shown that the employees who carry culture and drive performance aren’t in it for the money. They’re driven by purpose. That’s why attracting, retaining and nurturing them to their full potential requires an entirely new approach.

    Imperative has led global research and innovation on purpose at work. In his interactive keynote, co-founder Arthur Woods, ex-Googler, World Economic Forum Global Shaper featured in FastCompany, Forbes Inc, Huffington Post, Washington Post and ABC, will reveal breakthrough findings on new talent strategies that evolve around purpose.

    He’ll share real-world measurable case studies of companies who’ve built their talent strategies around purpose, and provide steps you can immediately take to begin the journey towards a purpose-based talent strategy in your own organization.

    Learning Objectives
    • The science behind purpose
    • What it takes to engage purpose driven employees
    • The benefits of a purpose based talent strategy

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