The Leading HR Executive Summit In Senior Care

Panel and Workshop: How HR Leaders Can Drive Down Costs in Post-Acute and Senior Care

Type: Master Class
Category: Leadership & Culture
Tuesday October 3
11:00am to 12:15pm

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    Programming Note: Masterclasses are extended sessions (60-75 minutes) to provide a deeper dive into a particular session topic. Masterclasses include interactive exercises to give you hands-on tools that you can bring back to your office and begin implementing immediately. Masterclasses are open to all registered SHINE attendees.

    This Master Class will open with a panel discussion of HR Executives who will share how they have been proactive in driving down costs and the impact this has had on their organizations. They will highlight proven best practices of implemented cost saving measures throughout their Healthcare organizations, not just within HR.

    Topics will include: • How to engage CFOs, COOs and CEOs in cost-cutting discussions • How to use data to pinpoint potential savings • How to cut costs using HR’s biggest asset….People

    Next, you’ll take part in a workshop to create a practical plan to cut costs across your organization.

    Learning Objectives
    • Workshop your ideas with the panelists
    • Outline a cost-savings roadmap
    • Develop key questions for your own leadership team

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