The Leading HR Executive Summit In Senior Care

A Digital Roadmap for HR

Type: Keynote
Category: HR Tech
Tuesday October 3
4:15pm to 5:00pm
Location: The Louvre Ballroom

  • Description

    Workplaces are awash with new technology. But the true power of digital will only be realized if an organization can integrate it into day-to-day recruitment, culture and operations and transform the ways people interact and create value for every stakeholder.

    Standing at the intersection between people, organizations and work, HR is uniquely positioned to lead the digital revolution. To do so, HR itself must “become” digital and integrate its operations with the workforce and the workplace, reinventing itself while simultaneously implementing new technologies.

    This fascinating keynote will explore how HR can develop the right mindset to become digital by understanding how ecosystems and platforms apply to HR, and by implementing specific practices designed to maximize engagement, productivity, and interaction. Jeff Mike, an expert in transforming talent acquisition teams from process-oriented specialists into strategic partners, will also evaluate the real-world potential of new technologies, and examples of innovative uses in organizations.

    Learning Objectives
    • How HR can position itself to lead the digital revolution
    • Real world organizational uses of new technologies
    • The impact of a digital transformation

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