The Leading HR Executive Summit In Senior Care

Career Experience Management: What Is It, Why It Matters and How to Deliver It

Type: Concurrent Session
Category: Leadership & Culture,Retention & Engagement
Tuesday October 3
2:00pm to 2:45pm
Location: Avedon D

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    How do your employees feel about their career experience in your organization? Do they feel their potential is being nurtured? Is career planning a core part of your culture and employee engagement strategy? Do you have insight into your employees’ experiences, skills and aspirations?

    Continuous, linear careers are a thing of the past. The new, “latticed” careers include sideways and diagonal moves, not just steady vertical progression. The boundaries of organizations are becoming softer and more permeable, with a dynamic, multi-generational workforce flowing in and out all the time. All this puts the emphasis squarely on career experience management, and demands real innovation to retain top talent in Senior Care.

    Learning Objectives
    • How the relationship between employees and employers is changing
    • How job rotation and talent sharing engages workers in very different ways, and the impact on the organizational ecosystem
    • How the “edges” of the organization are being redefined

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