The Leading HR Executive Summit In Senior Care

Exclusive Sponsor Workshop: Collaborate, Innovate & Replicate for Business Success

Type: Workshop
Monday October 2
12:30pm to 3:00pm
Location: Metropolitan Room

  • Description

    In uncertain times, change becomes the one thing we can count on. In this highly interactive workshop exclusively for solution providers, we’ll explore new approaches to harnessing change so that it becomes a reliable business driver. With a mix of large and small group interaction, participants will learn to translate what they’re hearing on the ground into new ideas that resonate with colleagues, customers, prospects—and perhaps new stakeholders. We will review 18 strategies that take the mystique out of innovation and make it a doable, repeatable practice for individuals, teams, and entire organizations. Within small groups, participants will work together to apply idea creation techniques to generate and organize ideas into actionable solutions—whether for product development, process improvement, market impact, or other business challenges. Participants will leave this workshop with new, actionable strategies for leveraging market changes into equitable opportunities for themselves, their organizations, and the markets they serve.

    Learning Objectives
    • Review market trends and their impact on the senior living and care sectors
    • Explore strategies to identify and capitalize on the business opportunities that result from market change
    • Describe eighteen tactics to consider when seeking to innovate to solve a problem or create a new offering
    • Apply idea creation strategies to solve problems in new ways

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