The Leading HR Executive Summit In Senior Care

HR & Marketing: How Digital Collaboration Can Bridge the Gap Between Marketing and HR

Type: Master Class
Category: HR Tech,Talent Acquisition
Tuesday October 3
11:00am to 12:30pm
Location: Avedon D

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    Programming Note: Masterclasses are extended sessions (60-75 minutes) to provide a deeper dive into a particular session topic. Masterclasses include interactive exercises to give you hands-on tools that you can bring back to your office and begin implementing immediately. This Masterclass was designed for both SHINE and SMASH attendees.

    Just like cities on a map, we are building destinations online. Is your organization building an online city packed with diversity and green spaces for socializing and community placemaking or has the silo effect seeped into the planning? As digital technology evolves, Marketing, HR and other business functions are poised to collaborate in ways to allow a new digital ecosystem to emerge and serve the entire organization holistically. In this master class, learn how classic urban planning principles may be applied to the building and design of your internal and external marketing communication strategy and human resource development.

    Lauren Vargas, Head of Associate Digital Engagement and Collaboration at Fidelity, will share how you can bridge the silos of marketing, human resources, and technology to reimagine the needs, challenges, and desires of a functional digital ecosystem.

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