The Leading HR Executive Summit In Senior Care

Next-Generation Performance Management: Why Science Triumphs Over Benchmarking

Type: Concurrent Session
Category: Leadership & Culture,Retention & Engagement
Tuesday October 3
9:45am to 10:30am
Location: Avedon C

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    Despite decades of study, traditional performance management (PM) has been a failure. In response, companies have tried tweaking their process every few years—but with precious little improvement.

    PM 1.0 drives a wedge between employees by putting them in competition with one another for high ratings and big rewards. It divides supervisors and employees by creating contractual relationships based on constant surveillance and negative feedback, emphasizing score-keeping and documentation.

    This session will show HR professionals and business leaders how they can make the leap to the next generation of performance management. Supported by scientific research, PM 2.0 puts purpose, meaning, direction and alignment at the center instead of ratings, differentiation and money. It emphasizes collaboration over competition, progress over feedback, positive over negative and recognition and appreciation.

    Learning Objectives
    • Why traditional PM is broken at the core
    • How to sell abandoning outdated ideas in favor of new ones that better fit today’s employees and organizations
    • The alternative PM practices that are better supported by science

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