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Strategic Mentoring to Achieve Organizational Goals and ROI

Type: Workshop
Category: Learning & Development,Retention & Engagement
Monday October 2
12:30pm to 3:00pm
Location: Avedon B

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    Programming note: Workshops are 2.5 hours in length to provide in-depth training and extensive information into the subject. Workshop leaders combine hands-on instruction with peer-to-peer exercises and report backs for an interactive, comprehensive experience. Workshops are are open to provider organizations only.

    When developing people is your priority, mentoring can be your strategic advantage. Discover how Fortune 500 companies are moving away from conventional mentoring and toward strategic mentoring to drive retention, engagement, succession planning and leadership development. Whatever your priorities, strategic mentoring can give you a crucial edge. In this workshop, you'll have the chance to architect your own strategic mentoring framework to achieve a key business objective (think talent acquisition, retention & engagement, succession planning)—using the same seven-step Strategic Mentoring Model that the smartest Fortune 500 firms have already begun to put into practice.

    Learning Objectives
    • How to design and deploy an effective, scalable and sustainable strategic mentoring program that serves as a strategic people initiative
    • How to use mentoring to advance identified business objectives and solve organizational issues
    • How to measure the success of your mentoring program—and its participants
    • How to use mentoring to retain, engage and develop talent
    • How to apply mentoring to C-Suite succession planning
    • How to use the Strategic Mentoring Model to launch multiple mentoring programs

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