The Leading HR Executive Summit In Senior Care

Talent Acquisition...The Greatest Challenge in Senior Care

Type: Concurrent Session
Category: Talent Acquisition
Wednesday October 4
11:15am to 12:00pm
Location: Avedon D

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    How are the Senior Care and Post Acute industries gaining momentum in the race to recruit the right talent into the right jobs? Join Kevin Regan, VP Digital Strategy, TMP Worldwide as he orchestrates a conversation between top Talent Acquisition leaders who share insights on the newest digital recruitment strategies and why they also choose to stick by a few traditional tried and true methods!

    Join a panel of your peers, from across the continuum, as they highlight multiple recruitment strategies and why they find them to be valuable. The conversation will include:

    The significance of a strong relationship between marketing and recruiting.
    How do candidates experience your organization? You have created a brand but do you understand what it looks like from the outside in?
    Forward thinking with metrics. Diving into predictive “hiring” analytics to incorporate into the recruitment strategy.
    The value your Sales Directors can add to the recruitment strategy.
    Does your executive team have a presence on social media? Do they need a personal brand?
    "Old School” walk in Wednesdays and talk to me Tuesdays…..why they remain vital to the recruitment strategy.

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