The Leading HR Executive Summit In Senior Care

The HR Executive of the Future

Type: Concurrent Session
Category: Leadership & Culture
Tuesday October 3
2:00pm to 2:45pm
Location: Avedon C

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    The world of work is going through major disruption on two fronts. On one hand is the ever-increasing pace of technological change. On the other are evolving social norms driven by demographic shifts and political upheaval.

    Mobility is transforming the workplace. Artificial Intelligence may replace us all. "Big data" and the "internet of things" promise radical new uses for information. Social media and the gig economy have made collaboration digital, and employment temporary. And digital ecosystems, including virtual reality, give us a whole new window on the world.

    Healthcare is hardly immune to these changes. Come learn how these trends are influencing all of us, and how the Healthcare HR profession will need to proactively adapt and prepare for their new role in 2020.

    In this session, Infor will use a Talent Science Profile* to define and share:
    • The cognitive, cultural and behavioral characteristics of the audience, plus a private individual feedback report
    • What characteristics you have in common with your peers, and what sets you apart
    • A discussion of how HR needs to evolve to meet the demands of workforce 2020

    * We’ll ask you to complete the Profile before you attend. It takes just 25 minutes.

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