The Leading HR Executive Summit In Senior Care

The Success Trifecta: Stronger Brands, Engaged Employees and Happier Customers Through the Collaboration of HR, Sales & Marketing

Type: Keynote
Category: Leadership & Culture,Talent Acquisition
Monday October 2
5:15pm to 6:00pm
Location: Guggenheim Ballroom

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    The senior care industry is fighting a war for talent and census and occupancy. But all too often, HR, marketing and sales wind up working in separate silos, focused on different challenges that don’t necessarily make the organization more coherent in delivering on the mission or the message.

    Just imagine if your employees could collectively create an aligned culture of success across all business lines. If they could work together to build a stronger brand, acquire more customers, and hire and retain the best employees.

    In this detailed keynote, veteran sales and marketing leader, bestselling author and leading contributor to Forbes, The Economist and Inc., Michael Brenner will show you how courageous leaders are transforming their entire culture and building a powerful brand by activating their employees’ gift for storytelling.

    Learning Objectives
    • A revolutionary new approach that sparks rapid culture change and focuses your whole organization on solving customers’ problems
    • How to tap into the power of your employees to drive deeper engagement and higher retention
    • The surprising storytelling approach that you can apply right away to boost census and occupancy and strengthen your brand

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