The Leading HR Executive Summit In Senior Care

How to Engage Modern Learners: When to “Push” and When to “Pull”

Type: Concurrent Session
Category: Learning & Development
Tuesday October 3
9:45am to 10:30am
Location: Avedon B

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    In the modern workplace, you need effective ways to engage your learners. Formal “push” training is often best when people are learning something new, or during times of change. But when people are in need of learning, a “pull” approach is arguably better.

    The design of your learning will be influenced by where and when learning is anticipated to occur. The success depends on technology selection and implementation approach. It’s not just PROVIDING the content for microlearning, it’s also making sure you set up an environment in which employees will actually use it.

    Even in a highly regulated industry, such as Senior Care, there are opportunities to apply modern learning techniques. Come learn how this modern approach can be applied at all levels of your organization including the community level.

    Learning Objectives
    • The five moments of learning need
    • The essential principles of modern workplace learning
    • The difference between a "push" training culture and a "pull” learning culture

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